Enterprise Reporting System

The Enterprise Reporting System (a.k.a. ERS) application is a Microsoft Excel based program. The ERS allows users to query the UCRFStotals and SUPER-D.O.P.E. databases and automatically produce formatted summary and detail reports. Salary and non-salary projections can be included. The final reports are Excel spreadsheets (all totals are formulas, not static numbers). The spreadsheets can, of course, be customized after processing is complete.



The ERS produces three different reports:

  1. Expense Overview (compares appropriations and expenditures for expense accounts).
  2. Operating Statement (includes revenue accounts and produces a current year P&L by fund).
  3. Operating Statement including Unexpended Balance (includes revenue accounts and produces a current year P&L by fund; also includes the fund equity balance forward and any current year unexpended balance transactions).

Shared Fund Sources

The ERS also accommodates shared fund sources with the following options:

  • Budgeting by Cost Center
  • Management Reports (by Activity, Fund, and Function) providing an overview of Allocations by Cost Center, Expenditures, and Balances.

Recent Enhancements

Recent enhancements include: The detail report now provides outstanding lien balances from the encumbrance ledger. In addition, a condensed detail report is being provided so that PIs can review current period activity on a single page format.

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